Employment can be generated by promotion and development of off-farm micro-enterprises besides diversification, modernization and commercialization of agriculture. Enterprises have certain minimum threshold for operation which the poor households will not have as single entity. But if they are organized in one place for producing the same product, they can produce in commercial scale and enter into market jointly in a single trademark. In this way they will have economies of scale. Otherwise if they have a single enterprise for one product in one place, they will have to go for marketing, procurement of materials and services to far-off places individually whose cost they cannot meet and will be unviable at the end of the day. In this way, Non farm based enterprises such as food processing e.g. Squash, Juice, jam, jelly, pickles, dalmoth bhujiya making, potato chips making, noodles making and bamboo based handicraft production etc. These products have been identified based on their comparative economic advantage recognized as collective rural enterprises.

 Activities for One Village One product enterprises
  • Careful selection of Nirdhan financial Center and entrepreneurs selection
  • Local institution mapping and information collection
  • Program orientation with relevant stakeholders
  • Detailed product identification, availability of raw materials, input output market, expert service providers
  • Provision of credit for enterprise creation
  • Training on production, entrepreneurship and marketing aspects of the products
  • Formation of cooperative of the entrepreneurs and registration with concerned government organization.
  • Industrial estate creation
  • Quality control and market facilitation