Livelihood Promotion of Landless and Resource Poor in Plan Community in Bara and Rautahat District, supported by Plan Nepal.

Nepal is one the poorest country of the world having 31% population below poverty level (per day income less than 1 US dollar per day)Rautahat are one of the most densely populated terai districts of central development region of Nepal. Based on overall composite index of Rautahat district rank is  53. Poverty situation of these districts is very severe mostly in rural areas. Severe poverty has consequences like illiteracy, malnutrition, child mortality, poor health etc. Children are compelled to work as child labor in domestic work, hotel and factories. The poor and disadvantaged are socially and economically exploited and facing high discrimination and exclusion. Most of the families belong to the so called Dalit ethnic minorities such as Dhobi, Dom, Chamar, Musahar, Dusad, Majhi etc

Microfinance can be a more powerful tool for giving the poor more economic options. World wide microfinance has been proved to be an effective tool for poverty reduction and women empowerment. Micro financial services (saving, credits, insurance) help break out of the vicious cycle of poverty enabling women to better manage their money and start investing in assets.

The business skills enable microfinance clients to put their loans in more productive use and generate more profit and savings.


  • Transfer livelihood skills to enable exploitation of economically viable opportunities, particularly agricultural opportunities.
  • Increase access with loan and loan consumption capacity of the target families.
  • Enhance entrepreneurship of the 400 NUBL clients.
  • Increase self employment opportunity of the 400 Dalits and disadvantaged group at community level.

Major Activities.

  • Social mobilization.
  • Capacities build and training on goat and pig keeping.
  • Market linkage.
  • Linkage with micro-finance of NUBL.
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